Audit Management

Enables the creation of checklists with configurable scaling, creation of audit programs, monitoring the closure of findings and completion of actions.

Audit Management

Manages the entire process of internal or external audits, enabling on-site verification forms to be completed from the mobile application, calculating the respective adherence percentages, and monitoring compliance with the action plans, with the option of uploading evidence.

Create completely customized checklists

  • No category limits.
  • No checklist limits.
  • No question limits.
  • No answer limits.
  • Mathematical scaling for compliance measurement.

Create and measure Audit programs

  • Legal Framework Audits.
  • External Audits for ISO Certifications.
  • Audits for Subcontracting Laws.
  • No Program Limits.

Monitor Action Plans

  • Identifies all findings and nonconformities and establishes action plans and responsible parties.
  • The system issues deadline notifications.
  • Monitors compliance and evidence of closure.
Promote continuous safety and HSE performance improvement cost-effectively throughout the organization's operations.