Change Management

Identifies changes in an engineering or process operation project, assesses its risks and establishes control measures.

Change management

This module makes it possible to identify the origin of change in some design due to regulations, technology, budget or other factors, conduct a risk assessment in accordance to its potential consequences and establish controls to reduce the probability for the occurrence of undesired events.


Establishing a hierarchy of approval of changes: Enables assigning responsible parties for the approval of changes, based on their hierarchical level in function of its origin and impact.

Risk Assessment: Allows for assessing risks on the basis of different areas of consequences and determine action plans with the parties responsible for their execution.

Enables recording and assessing operational changes: In the mobile App, it enables the identification of small changes during operational shifts such as manual work tools, atmospheric conditions or other, generating action plans to ensure appropriate care for the health of employees.

Promote continuous safety and HSE performance improvement cost-effectively throughout the organization's operations.