Contract Management and Accreditation

Efficiently manages certifications and control of mandatory documents.

Personnel Identification QR Code

The system allows you to enter the personal identification number (RUT, DNI, etc.) or scan the personal QR code of a worker in the field from the mobile App and the system will search for the documentation and validity of the same according to the regulations configured for the job position that is associated with the objective of ensuring that each person in the field complies with the appropriate competencies to perform in a safe manner.

Start-up Folder and Audits to Contracting Companies

You will be able to create different types of contracts (EPC, O-M, by service, etc.) each one with its respective start-up document regulations and corresponding validity periods, thus being able to manage the time by means of automatic notifications of expiration of the pertinent accreditations in order to avoid legal non-compliance, generating an automatic audit of the current regulations for each contract.

Document Library

The system allows you to upload documents and share them with the entire organization for viewing and use, such as Policies, Standards, Work Procedures, Reports, etc.

Backing up mandatory documents

Controlling companies contractors and personnel

Training control

Notifications due to expiration of documents

Reduction of HH searching for physical physical

Promote continuous safety and HSE performance improvement cost-effectively throughout the organization's operations.