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Datamine's ESG division provides state-of-the-art technology to encompass all ESG compliance management and reporting for organizations' sustainability through solutions that take care of your processes in a single environment and the best enterprise user experience.

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ESG Software - State-of-the-art technology to achieve ESG principles

ESG software - Manage your environmental, social and governance performance


Improve accuracy by calculating and tracking environmental risks, including emissions, carbon accounting, waste and energy consumption through environmental monitoring.


Monitor and manage worker health through digital clinical health records, perform risk-based assessments of employee and workplace suitability, improve visibility of workplace safety (incident management) and risk registers, gain social benefits through stakeholder management and investment impacts.


Proactively identify risks and compliance across the enterprise, mitigating potential legislative, business and operational impacts to ensure business continuity.

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Manage ESG with certainty and efficiency

Our solution can help you cost-effectively improve everything related to ESG principles, assisting you in efficient data collection for reporting, optimizing processes and operations that directly impact outcomes that contribute to stakeholder satisfaction, driving employee and worker engagement at all stages of the project lifecycle.

All the data that is recorded in our solution minute by minute, helps to build graphs as a Dashboard that will allow you to know trends, measure in real time the KPIs of the organization and know the company’s ESG performance in an easy and intuitive way, being your best advisor when making decisions.

Manage a wide range of data and involve all stakeholders.

Reduce the expense and effort of compliance management processes and automate the verification process.

Our ESG software has the tools to help you get to wherever you are on your journey to achieve the greatest possible sustainability impact. With more than 20 modules available for advanced environmental management, worker safety, as well as management of board initiatives and action plans for ethical business.


Collect and manage large amounts of information for data-driven decision making

Improve risk management

Increase profitability

Maintain data accuracy and data integrity across the value chain

Optimize compliance with corporate standards and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Enhance operational efficiency

Improve compliance with regulatory authorities

Increasing traceability and transparency of environmental compliance and decarbonization initiatives

ESG Software Features

ESG software can provide a number of functions to improve sustainability performance

ESG software - Technologies for Modern Business Management


Designed for integration with various data sources such as other software and IoT technologies for data processing and ensuring compliance.

Integrated cloud management system

Software is built on PDCA continuous improvement circle as architecture and logic for risk assessment, control implementation, deviation detection and action plans.

Business Intelligence and reporting

Dashboards and scorecards of processed data empowering decision making in accurate reports that ensure compliance with the organization's sustainability guidelines.

Companies that trust us
Companies that trust us

Proven Visionary Experience

Datamine enables efficient and sustainable mining through application of world-leading technology.

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FAQ | ESG Software

ESG Software is a data management system that facilitates information gathering. The solution effectively combines ESG data for reporting and optimization of procedures and operations that directly impact ESG principles.

It is important for organizations to have ESG software because it enables automated data collection and calculation, which can then be used for ESG reporting. These reports can help organizations improve their sustainability performance and regulatory compliance. In addition, ESG software can help maximize operational impact by providing insights and modules for a variety of sustainability initiatives.

ESG reporting allows companies to track their environmental, social and governance performance.

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