Medical Surveillance

Identify groups of workers exposed to similar health risks. You can assign monitoring and maintain a physician-backed follow-up, enabling the establishment of sickness reduction goals and measuring their compliance.

Surveillance Management

Manages the entire Occupational Health Process of the company’s employees and contractors, associating regulations to be met by types of jobs exposed to harmful agents such as silica, noise, heavy lifting, and many others.

Create job positions and associate Occupational Health regulations

Unlimited job positions
Unlimited document categories
Unlimited Regulations to be associated

Plan controls in accordance with regulations

  • Enables the creation of periodic controls with document support.
  • Features document validation logic.
  • Issues notifications of upcoming deadlines.

Conduct on-site controls and monitor compliance

  • Conduct health compliance checks through QR codes on the mobile App.
  • Visualize compliance through analytical dashboards.
Promote continuous safety and HSE performance improvement cost-effectively throughout the organization's operations.