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Collaborative Software

In ZYGHT we offer multiple solutions in modules that will give you a comprehensive view of the entire PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act). This relieves the operational burden of manual document management processes and risk management report generation.

Strategic Management

Create custom programs, monitor compliance and progress.

Operational Controls Management

Parameterizable preventive tools for identifying findings and monitoring the closure of action plans.

BI Reporting

Real-time data visualization to measure HSE performance.

Incident Management

Report, notify, and investigate using proven methodologies, find underlying causes, generates, and monitors action plans.

Risk Management

Assess risks, determine preventive and mitigating controls, assign implementer, and monitor compliance.

Change Management

Identify changes in an engineering or process operation project, assess risks and establish control measures.

Action Plans

Generates action plans based on activity sets with Gantt Chart-type sequencing.

Safe Work Permits

Identify critical risks in operational tasks and creates on-site control checklists.

Document Library

Upload documents and share them with the entire organization for viewing and use, such as Policies, Standards, Work Procedures, Reports, etc.

Asset Management

Create asset categories, associate checklists, plan inspections, perform them by scanning a QR code from the mobile App and monitor compliance and availability.

Environmental Commitment Management

Carry on commitments of environmental impact statement or assessment.

Waste Management

Identify the types of waste that must be managed to comply with business regulations.

Operational Excellence Management

Manage the reduction of "technical waste" within a production line or site, helping to adhere to standards.

Medical Surveillance

Identify groups of workers exposed to similar health risks. You can assign monitoring and maintain a physician-backed follow-up, enabling the establishment of sickness reduction goals and measuring their compliance.

Audit Management

Create checklists with configurable scaling, design of audit programs, monitoring the closure of findings and completion of actions.

Legal Requirements Management

Record the legally required commitments, program their compliance and conduct follow-ups.

Contract Management and Accreditation

Efficiently manages certifications and control of mandatory documents.

Premium BI Reporting

Download all the information contained in the Dashboards into Excel spreadsheets.

Management and Control of Training and Competencies

Know the level of training and accredited competencies of your organizations workers.

Improves HSE performance in your organization

100% digital processes: Forget about paper!

Field support with mobile APPS. It can also work offline.

Field support with mobile APPS. It can also work offline.

Created for complete HSE management made by engineers.

Scalable, customizable, and adaptable software.

Automatic audits and real-time BI reporting.