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ZYGHT is the premier Software as a Service (SaaS) for occupational health, safety at work, and environmental management. With over a decade of experience in aiding companies to achieve OSHA compliance, and optimize their processes, ZYGHT serves as an integrated HSE Risk Management Software that leverages cloud-based information, mobile applications, and data analytics, offering the flexibility to integrate and customize through its various modules.

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OSHA compliance?

Our software aligns seamlessly with the highest international OHS and sustainability standards and regulations, enhancing and promoting adherence to ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001, and bolstering commitment to HSE and ESG practices.

Minimize your

risk and analysis time

ZYGHT is a risk management software that facilitates data visualization and reporting, refining your HSE processes for risk reduction and improved decision-making.

Leading companies across various industries trust ZYGHT

Leading companies across various industries trust ZYGHT

Discover why ZYGHT is the leading software in safety at work, occupational health, and environmental management.

Reduction of paper use
Fatality rate reduction

ZYGHT has enabled us to save 75% of the paper used by the SSO area and reduce the fatality rate by 30%.

Romina López
DISAL deputy safety manager

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For more than 10 years, ZYGHT has been transforming risk management in large companies in various industries through its HSE solutions.

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ZYGHT comprises a series of modules that provide solutions to risk management and operational controls for compliance with protocols and regulations governing business sustainability and social license to operate.

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