Meet Datamine’s ESG Division. ESG Software for Compliance Management and Reporting

BI Reporting

Real-time data visualization to measure HSE performance. With our Premium plan you can also download the data visualized both in the performance measurement and control analytics dashboards.

Standard BI Reporting

Data analysis center

All the data recorded in ZYGHT minute by minute, helps to build graphs in the form of Dashboards, which will allow you to know trends, measure the organization’s KPIs in real time and understand the company’s HSE performance easily and intuitively, being your best advisor when making decisions.

Strategic Planning Compliance
Personalized Objectives and Programs for each employee

Operational Controls
History and Trends

Classification of Reported Incidents

Performance Indicators
– Frequency Index
– Severity Rate
– Accident Rate
– Casualty Rate

Premium BI Reporting

Information Downloading and Updating

The BI Premium Reporting module allows you to download all the information contained in the Dashboards into Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, the information displayed is updated automatically every 30 minutes.

Promote continuous safety and HSE performance improvement cost-effectively throughout the organization's operations.