Action Plans

Generates action plans based on activity sets

Action Plans

Generates action plans based on activity sets with Gantt Chart-type sequencing.

Establishes start and end dates for the set of activities that make up an action plan.

This module enables the generation of Compliance Action Plans derived from preventive tools, incident investigations, inspections by the authority, internal meetings within the organization or management initiatives, assigning responsible parties and a logical sequencing with preceding and follow-up activities, to ensure timely completion and compliance.


Establishing leaders and responsible parties
Enables the assignment of leaders for each action plan, as well as independent responsible parties for each of the activities within the program.

It can also record key and follow-up activities through the mobile App.
Enables the user to define a list of main activities and the respective follow-up activities that make up the action plan set.

Controls and measures compliance
Monitors the total and partial compliance of each activity, as well as of the set that makes up each action plan.

Promote continuous safety and HSE performance improvement cost-effectively throughout the organization's operations.